Open Mind


My best friend, whom I love beyond words, is an atheist. Normally, this would not be an issue. However, he has a tendency to be what I call a “preachy” atheist. “Preachy” atheists, to me, are those that live to tell every religion on the planet that all of their beliefs are wrong, & that science has all the answers. Don’t get me wrong – I FIRMLY believe that science has many answers & what answers it doesn’t have will be found later after more research. What makes me see red, is the hypocrisy of the action. My best friend (not using names here) absolutely LOATHES when a Christian preaches to him about anything pertaining to their religion. Therefore, it would stand to reason, that he would then not reflect the same action back, correct? WRONG. He, along with quite a few other atheists I know, are persistent in ridiculing people of religious faith.

It all seems like a great way to never learn from each other, if you ask me. When you are determined that you are right, one hundred percent, it leaves no room to gain knowledge from others. I for one, find that appalling. The answers can ALWAYS change, even in science. Our world is constantly evolving. All of it. The planet, animals, human kind, the space surrounding the planet, and our knowledge of it all – it’s all constantly in motion. So why would anyone want to ever limit themselves by thinking that they have it all figured out? It’s a question I continuously ask myself AND my best friend, without ever getting a real response.

As a witch, many of my views are atheistic in nature. I do not believe in a god & goddess the way many other Wiccans do. I call them the God and Goddess, sure. But in my views, they are merely words that represent this planet and all of the life it sustains. However, I would never begrudge those Wiccans that believe in an ACTUAL God and Goddess. From where I’m standing, as long as you don’t try to force your beliefs on me, then I have no quarrel with you as far as that topic is concerned. In the same light, I don’t want to put down the god and/or goddess of any other religion or spirituality. I only have a problem with one “group” of people trying to keep any other “group” of people from having any right that the “average” citizen has. Oh the Libra in me just rears its crazy little head sometimes: I want things to be as fair as possible.

Anyhow, I just thought I’d burn off a little steam here. My best friend and I bicker about this topic plenty. We usually try to avoid it, but the fact that we tell each other everything makes that difficult sometimes. No matter our differences in opinion on this, I still love him dearly, and a difference in religious preference, or lack thereof, could never change that. I just wanted to say that I hope we can all keep our minds open to the endless possibilities that this world has to offer. Make every day a learning experience because every day is new. It’s such a better way to live. :)


New Adventures

We are the elements. The elements are us.

We are the elements. The elements are us.

As far back as I can remember, I’ve always been able to get lost in imaginary worlds. Sometimes, it was an imaginary world that someone else created. Other times, it was a world that I created in my head before transferring it to paper. In school, I was made fun of for that very capability. For a long time, I didn’t care. But as happens many times, the criticism took its toll, and I withdrew into myself further and further. The constant teasing, coupled with a home life that wasn’t very ideal, seemed to wash away my fantasy worlds. They were replaced with journal entries of the very darkest nature. They were replaced with shoving my imagination into the furthest corners of my mind. They were replaced with physical illness, frustration, anger, and a very deep despair. I was very frustrated with my parents, angry at the world for not accepting me for who I was, and had no hope that things would ever change. Of course, I was a teenager then, and as we all know, everything is pretty much the end of the world in those years.

Once I left public school, things began to change for me. Some of the pressures and illness that I suffered were lifted from my back. I was happier, even though home life still wasn’t what I had hoped it would be. Then I met a beautiful man. We started off as only friends, but that changed pretty quickly. We moved in together shortly after we started actually dating, and though we went through a difficult time in adjusting to living together, I could never be more grateful that we took the path we did. He is everything I’ve never been, and in that sense, he balances me in ways that no one else has ever been able to accomplish before. Through him, I found the freedom to be myself – my WHOLE self. It was something I had been afraid of for a very long time. And even though he’s helped me become the most comfortable with myself that I’ve ever been, it has still taken years for me to finally find my way home.

My imagination was not the only way I’d felt different. It was not uncommon for me to have prophetic dreams when I was growing up. It was not uncommon for me to sense the danger rolling off of someone, even when there was no apparent evidence of danger. It was not uncommon for me to feel as if going to church was the absolute worst torture imaginable. It was not uncommon for me to just KNOW something was going to happen well before it did. Β It all confused me so much growing up, and I know now that it was a major contributor to my inner turmoil and physical ailments. Through the love and acceptance of my husband, I found my way back to a path that I had craved as a teenager. I found my way back to Witchcraft.

I dove in headfirst, and in doing so, found more inner peace since, than I have ever experienced in my life. Many things I learned, I already knew. I FELT them embedded inside, deep down – that place that I’d always ignored. Along the way, I’ve found explanations for many of the things I experienced that made me feel out-of-place before. The reason I could feel the danger and know some of the future that others couldn’t was because I was SO sensitive to shifts in energy. The reason churches have never given me a sense of peace is because my church is outside, sitting in the grass next to a solid tree. My church is standing under the moon and feeling the energy of it wash over me. My church is feeling the warmth of the sun wash over me as I sit outside and write in a journal, or in a Book of Shadows. My church is gathering as much knowledge as I can from as many places as I can, rationally thinking, deeply feeling, and carefully testing out my own ways. Β The reason these things effected me physically, is because I didn’t know how to protect myself or rid myself of all of that excess & harmful energy that I picked up from others. And along the way, I’ve discovered that my husband may have provided me with the acceptance to begin the journey, but it was myself that essentially decided that it was finally time.

I’ve discovered many things along the path of my witch studies, all of which I plan to share here, for anyone that is newer to the Craft than me, anyone that is curious, or just anyone that wishes to read the ramblings of a fellow witch/pagan. My writing and reading has been reignited and I wish to share as much of myself as I can here – something I was always afraid to do before. I kind of see it as a new adventure. So, join me. Learn from me. Teach me. Let’s all continue an adventure.